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Specific Novel & Picture Book Activities - "G"


A Garden Alphabet

by Isabel Wilner

With each letter of the alphabet, Wilner takes readers through a poetic display of the growth of a garden as it is planned, grown, and harvested. Ashley Wolff's bold watercolours add to this creative book, putting life to its canine gardners and the garden itself

Write down each letter of the alphabet on chart paper. With the class come up with one thing that can exist in a garden beginning with each letter. Write these items along with the letter of the alphabet onto 1" squares of paper. Hand one out to each child and ask them to draw a picture of the item on this pieces of paper. Attach each of these on popsicle sticks. Plant a class flower or vegetable garden in a long balcony planter and "plant" the alphabet markers in it.


Germs Make Me Sick!

by Melvin Berger

readability grade 3, read aloud kindergarten

Germs are everywhere, and you cannot see them. They can make you sick and they can make you feel better. When my class first found out that their bodies were covered with microorganisms they were amazed, they couldn't stop thinking about it. Through the diagrams and the simple text, this book is excellent for introducing young readers and young listeners to viruses and bacteria; where they can live, what they do to humans, how our bodies fight them off, and much more.

This book provides an excellent list of rules for good health, make additions to this with your class and display in the classroom.

Visit these website for many images of various viruses. Some of the images take a while to load, but it's worth it. Kids will love it.:


Gertrude McFuzz

by Dr. Seuss

read aloud kindergarten, readability grade 2

Gertrude McFuzz is not happy with her appearance. She wishes she has two feathers like Lolla-Lee-Lou instead of just one. So, she goes to uncle Dr. Dake who tells her about a pill-berry vine that gives birds more feathers. This pill-berry vine causes more trouble than its worth, though, when Gertrude McFuzz ends up in a very odd predicament. Dr. Seuss has done it again; he's wrapped the important message of being happy with who you are around a hilarious story.

  1. Before reading aloud this story ask children if there was a pill-berry bush that could change anything about their bodies, what would they change?
  2. Draw a picture of how they would like to look like after eating these berries.
  3. After reading the story, ask if anyone's opinions about themselves have changed. Have a discussion about positive self image.


The Glow-In-The-Dark Planetarium Book

by Annie Ingle

readability grade 3, read aloud grade 1

Unlike some "glow-in-the-dark" books this one actually has an educational purpose! While looking at it with the lights turned off, constellations such as Ursa Major, Leo, Taurus, and Orion magically appear along with planets and shooting stars. When the lights are on, the stories behind some of the stars and planets are ready to read as well as specific instructions to their locations so that you can look for them in the night sky. This book is a perfect book to use in a space/constellations unit since it is difficult for many of us to organize planetarium field trips or class gatherings at night.

Students will examine present constellation patterns as well as create their own.

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Shut off classroom lights and cover/close windows
  2. Turn on flashlight and read The Glow-In-The-Dark Planetarium Book
  3. Turn off flashlight when finished each page to "reveal" constellations
  4. When completed book, turn on lights (obviously!) and hand out examples of constellations Get children to copy a few with sticky stars on black construction paper (might need glue for stars to stick properly)
  5. Ask children to create their own constellations
  6. Older grades may want to attach a story to their constellation for display


Goodbye Geese

by Nancy White Carlstrom

Readability: grade 2, Read aloud : K

An evocatively illustrated book which deals with the changes Winter brings to the world around a father and child. Simple and poetic, the text will enrapture young audiences and make us all take more notice at the graceful passing of seasons.


As a class, brainstorm the many changes which occur with the onset of Winter. Each student makes a giant snowflake, and in the middle of each snowflake paste these "changes" (one per snowflake). Display all of them as a snowflake collage.