maple leaf 2-14. Criteria Referencing

The aim of criteria referenced grading is to involve the student in their education by helping them make personal choices. Students need to be involved in deciding what, and how, their efforts will be graded. Their input helps give them ownership, and an awareness of their responsibilities in the outcome.

Teacher-centered criteria referencing would be situations where the teacher sends a letter home outlining how the P.E. grades will be given. There is no input from the students.
What does this teach a student?

  1. The teacher is in control,
  2. the teacher is making me do...., and
  3. I am not a part of the decision-making process where my education is concerned.
    This does not respect the dignity of the student. Students should be responsible for deciding their "fate".

Student-centered criteria referencing involves the students. Here the students have helped create the P.E. grading system.
A letter is sent home outlining:

  1. All students start with an "A" in P.E.
  2. A student drops to a "B" if the following conditions are reached:
  3. A student drops to a "C+" if the following conditions are reached:
  4. Etc.
  5. A student can move up a letter grade if the following conditions are met:
  6. Your son/daughter wants the first notice sent home after they have received a " " letter grade. Conference time occurs when they receive a " " letter grade.
  7. Parents input solicited.....

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