maple leaf 2-3. Dealing With Angry Students

Here are a few ideas that are useful when dealing with angry students:

Don't be threatened by a student's anger. Students know when they can intimidate with anger.

Let choices and logical consequences shape the student. The consequences must be logical!

Don't preach! Often a short statement is all that is needed. If a student has a habit of getting angry and doing the same thing over and over, discuss strategies with the student {when he/she is not angry, as to ways of dealing with the anger}.

Distinguish between major and minor issues. Let the student know which is which. Even minor issues cannot be ignored, but often only a comment may be necessary.

Share some of your experiences with anger with the students. Students need to know anger is a natural human emotion. What we are trying to do is modify unacceptable ways of expressing anger.

Show how actions today create the person of tomorrow. Students need to be taught how, what they do today helps shape their future. Use this one cautiously.

Respond to anger in a quiet manner, never with anger. Two angry people create a fight, one angry person and one calm person often finds a solution.

Never let anger, in a disrespectful fashion, occur without commenting on it. Sometimes, if a student is extremely angry, it may be best to give the student space. If that is so, acknowledge what you are doing to the student.

Never stop dealing with negative angry emotional outbursts. To stop sends a message to the student that you have given up. They don't like to receive that message. Teach them how to deal in a positive way with anger.

When away from the storm, reevaluate all angry interactions to see how you would do it differently next time.

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