maple leaf 2-1. Self-Worth

The first step in enhancing a student's self-worth is to create an environment that supports, encourages, and explores issues around the importance of self. The most critical component is a sense of security. Students need to feel secure in the environment before they are going to develop a positive sense of self.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

Maslow believes the three lower order needs must first be meet before a person is able to realize a positive self image. People need the lower order needs to be filled before they can adequately address higher order needs.


Safety Belonging & Love: Self-esteem: Self-Actualization: Reference for Self-Esteem in school:
ESTEEM BUILDERS: A K-8 Self-Esteem Curriculum for Improving
Student Achievement, Behavior and School Climate.
By: Dr. Michele Borba; Jalmar Press, Ca (213)547-1240

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