maple leaf 1-3. Mixing "Two" World-Views

Native people had belief systems in place before the arrival of the Europeans. These systems helped sustain them in environmentally dependent societies.

Some of the values may have included:

Some of the European influences upon the Natives' world views include:

All of these European influences, and more, brought "mind-sets" which had great impact upon the Native peoples of Canada. The imposing of the Euro-Canadian world view upon Natives has created, in many Natives, different levels of dysfunctionalities. The juxtaposition of the two world views often leads to confusion. The Native person can not make sense of either world view because both appear dysfunction, in his eyes.

If the two world views become distorted within a person, it results in uncertainties, lack of self-respect, problems coping with life, and many more problems. Students need help sorting out these two world views.

Respect From Two Views

  • Demands
  • Authority
  • Others Control
  • Power
     =Externally enforced
Healthy First Nations:
  • modeled
  • "peaceful"
  • internal
  • children seen/treated
    as adults
Huge overlap on
WHAT both
cultures see as

First Nations cultures, and the Euro-Canadian culture readily agree on much of what respect is, the problem occurs when the two world views look at how respect is taught, and the philosophy behind the concept of respect.

Euro-Canadian institutions use positional power, expectations to obey, etc. whereas healthy First Nations personalize respect.

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