maple leaf 9-1. Questions By Teachers

1. What should I do with a student who "drops in" to class when he wants to instead of attending regularly? Consequently he is way behind on assignments. Do I extend deadlines for him indefinitely? If I do, how do I explain this to other students?

2. You say a 'poor' teacher puts an end on his/her teaching day (p. 2-1-4). What about our lives, our families, our children? Must a 'good' teacher give everything to the school, at the expense of his/her own family?

3. You have changed students' attitude and behavior towards you but it seems like, in the examples you've given, that they haven't been able to respect themselves, or to be able to elicit respectful behavior from others. Do you believe it's possible to "teach" these very important things? If so, how?

4. Yes, there is pain - we all have some deep within us, because it is a part of being alive. FOCUS, please for awhile on JOY.

5. I have a First Nations' girl who has refused to participate in P.E. Is there a cultural thing here I need to know about?

6. I have a student who is chronically late. I have tried several strategies to no success. Suggestions?

7. I have a student who is extremely strong on directed assignments, but does not carry this over to creative use of the same material. Suggestions?

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