maple leaf 8-5. Anger Management

Thirteen Steps Towards Anger Management:

1. Learn to recognize the many faces of anger.

2. Admit that all angry expressions, good or bad, are the result of choices.

3. Let go of excessive dependencies so your anger management is inwardly directed rather than externally directed.

4. Choose to relinquish your cravings for control in exchange for freedom.

5. Ground yourself in truth by setting aside idealistic myths.

6. Keep your lifestyle habits consistent with your emotional composure.

7. Liven in humility rather than self-preoccupied pride.

8. Hold your defenses to a minimum; trust your healthy assertions.

9. Accept the inevitability of loneliness as you struggle to be understood.

10. Relate to others as equals, neither elevating yourself above them nor accepting a position of inferiority.

11. Pass along to the next generation your insights about anger.

12. Avoid the temptation to rationalize your anger; assume full responsibility for who you are.

13. Be accountable for your ongoing growth and openness about your anger management.


The Anger Workbook
Dr. Les Carter & Dr. Frank Minirth
Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville

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