maple leaf 8-4. Creating a Safe, Caring, Sharing, and Cooperating Environment

Environments that create, and encourage positive self-worth have these characteristics in common:
- safe - supportive - caring
- secure - trusting - accepting
- warm- nonjudgemental - inviting
- encouraging- enjoyable - positive
These components must be developed {in this order, but an earlier one does not have to be "totally complete" before adding another}:
1. Safe
Students must feel they are safe.
2. Security
Students need to be assured there are people around who they can trust and turn to for assistance.
3. Self-Concept
Students need an accurate and realistic description of his/her roles and attributes. Student needs to feel they are a worthwhile addition to the classroom.
4. Belonging
Students need to feel they belong, in positive ways, to their family, community, school, classroom, and friends. They must feel comfortable socially with others. Friends support each other. Students need to develop social skills.
5. Goals
Students need to have goals that are realistic and achievable. They must be able to make a plan and follow through. This encourages competence, etc.
6. Competence
Students must experience success on a regular basis. This encourages students to take additional risks.
7. Helping Others
Students must be put into situations where they can successfully help others. They need to realize we are "our brother's keeper".
8. Connected to the Land
Students need to internalize their relationship to the land is an important one, one that must be cultivated over their life time.

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