maple leaf 5-3. Choices

Students who are behaving inappropriately in school need to be given the opportunity to make positive choices. When a student makes positive choices, it helps them learn more about themselves and their responsibility in controlling their behavior. It's the teacher's responsibility to show students how to make positive choices. Students who consistently make negative choices can not learn over night how to consistently make positive choices.


The objective is to increase the number of positive choices a student will make over time. Negative patterns are extremely difficult to break. They obviously serve the student. We need to find ways to replace the negative choices with positive.

For example, a student who starts school in Kindergarten swinging his fists solves his problems that way. He probably has seen his father solve his problems that way. To expect that student to change, without a considerable amount of intervention, over times, is unrealistic.

Students have to be taught the difference between making a positive choice and making a negative choice. When a negative choice is made, the student should be offered another chance to make a positive choice. The student also has to be taught the jargon.

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