maple leaf 5-1. Combining World-Views

combining world views


{Way more freedom, way more person responsibility
Any control must be appropriate.}

As mentioned, we need to find ways to combine a healthy Native world view of respect with mainstream society's educational system. This requires addressing several issues:

  1. What are the local "traditional" views of respect?
  2. Who will know? How does the school system access this info?
  3. What components is the school system able to use?
  4. What components is the school system not allowed to use?
  5. How can this be integrated into the educational system?
  6. How will Native people be involved?
  7. What kinds of support do teachers, students, administrators, etc. need?
  8. What must teachers "give up" in order to help students learn self-control?
  9. Does everyone understand the value of creating student-centered environments?

A very useful starting place is to talk to the Native Home-School Coordinators. As a group, (watch for stereotyping), people who accept jobs as Home-School Coordinators care a great deal for Native youth. They have the sensitivity needed to help design a respect policy. As individuals, they may, or may not, have the necessary skills to assist in the actual development of any policies. But they will know who, in the community, will be able to help.

A polite warning: combining world views is not an easy task! Many mistakes will be made but it is worth it.

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