maple leaf 2-4. Student Empowerment

As a Group

As Individuals
Words -----------> Concepts -----------> Reality
  • Due Process
  • Belonging
  • Dignity Vs. Pride
  • Caring/Sharing
  • Unity
  • Metacognition
  • Emptiness = making way for the new
  • Vulnerability = risk being hurt
  • Integrity {is never painless} ask "What is missing?"
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Security
  • Honour
  • Chance/Risk Taking
  • Higher Level Thinking Skills
  • Spirituality

We must teach students how to be empowered. First a WORD is taught, ie. due process. Then the student must develop the CONCEPT of what the word means, in their lives. Finally, that concept must become REALITY, where the student experiences the fullness, the strength of that concept.

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