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Yes But Dialogue Game

Suggested Grades



Students will work cooperatively to learn about and practice dialogue improvisation.


  • Seperate the class into two groups: Group A and Group B.
  • Ask the groups to line up with the first student in each group facing eachother and the rest of the students looking at the backs of their groupmates.
  • Decide which group is to go first (flip a coin, pick a number...).
  • Shout out a topic sentence that the groups have to base their dialogue on.
  • If the Group A gets to go first, the first student in the line in that group begins by saying a sentence that relates to the topic beginning with "Yes, but..."
  • After saying their sentence, this student runs to the back of their group's line, and the first student in Group B has to say a sentence in reply Group A's sentence, beginning with "Yes but..." When they finish they run to the back of their group.
  • Keep repeating the process until all the students have had a chance to say a "Yes but..." sentence.
  • Time how fast the class can complete the game. Play the game often, and try to beat the time.